Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Beginnings

So I tried it guys.  I tried to diversify my blog and ended up losing all motivation to do ANYTHING creative and just hibernated for a bit.  I stopped writing, took little to no pictures, still amassed a huge collection of makeup and things, and selfishly kept it all from you guys.

Well my dears that time is over.  I have decided that instead of trying to make one blog every blog, I would have four blogs and separate them into all of my different creative parts. Some people have four YouTube channels, I have four blogs.  Seems right to me.

First things first is this baby.  Its Poker Dollface is going to be as it first was meant to be, my beauty and hair and makeup and girly girl place of refuge.  It's where tutorials, hauls, monthly favorites, and wishlists will live,  It will be where you get to find out how I do my hair, what I use in it, and what styles I'm gushing over lately.

Next is Tell Tales Dollface. This blog will be dedicated to my written adventures.  My poems, short stories, novels, anything literature related.  I hope to post to this twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) so go follow me to keep up on the action!

We also have Lets Dine Dollface which I blame on my father.  He said I needed to get out more so expect some food reviews, some dining out (with drinks of course), and ::Fingers Crossed:: interviews with some local business owners.  So far I have a huge list of places to go and not nearly enough elastic in my waistband.

Finally we have the odd baby blog out.  It has been named LiveLoveEats and is going to be my personal blog.  My stories, my experiences, my friends and family.  I know it doesn't keep with the same dollface theme but I needed a little home away from home blog and that's what I came up with!

There ya go! A rundown of my new endeavors and a hint hint that things are starting to change in my neck of the woods.

Thank you for everyone who has stuck with me through my lack of communication with the outside world and welcome everyone on my new journey!