Friday, November 29, 2013

What To Wear To An Interview

When dressing for an interview there are a few things to consider.  Some questions you should be asking yourself are what is the weather going to be like, what is the atmosphere of the company I am interviewing like, what position am I looking to achieve, how do I want to be perceived.

These are things I have learned from my own experiences and the general do's and don'ts associated with that.

Now keep in mind the length of these items may be shorter and longer based on the time of year:

Blouse- If it is sheer you should always wear a camisole underneath.  No interviewer wants to see your undergarments.  Trust me. This should also not be a cleavage revealing blouse.  Typically when you walk in and the first thing that is seen are the tops of your breasts you already start at a disadvantage.

Button up shirt- If you have a fitted or collared button up shirt, and do not feel comfortable wearing a blouse, go for it.  I find plain colors to be the best, but I always like long sleeved better than short.

Jacket- This can vary depending on the weather.  If it is hot you can wear a short sleeved jacket, and in the winter a long sleeved one.  I do suggest you make sure that the jacket is the correct size.  Too small and it will be too revealing and very uncomfortable, and too large will be slouchy and look unprofessional.

Dress pants- These should fit you properly.  Usually the colors black, navy, and khaki are the way to go.  Try not to wear bright or patterned slacks unless you know the environment you are going into is relaxed or "artistic".  It may sound silly but since there are so many styles and cuts of dress slacks/pants out there it is very hard to "mess up" wearing them.

Skirt- Preferably pencil as I feel they are the most professional, anything that is of knee length and lower is generally acceptable. Some professions prefer suits as opposed to just a shirt and slacks, so dressing it up with a skirt is another great option to look sophisticated and professional.  You don't want your hem line to ride up when you sit down exposing your thigh.  You want the interviewer focused on what you are saying and not what lies under your clothing.

Heels/Dress flats- It is always nicer to wear heels, even a small kitten heel, as opposed to boots or sneakers.  If you can't walk in heels then I suggest a very nice pair of flats.  Nice heels elongate the legs and add confidence to your walk.  I know it is a stereotype and can be considered sexist, but someone who comes into an interview that is wearing a small heel looks more professional and confident than someone who wears flat shoes.

Minimal Jewelry- Wearing a statement necklace and a simple ring, or a chunky bracelet with a delicate necklace is the way to go.  Make one piece of jewelry the focal point and mute or discard the rest.  Your jewelry should accentuate your outfit, not take away from it.  I would also suggest wearing something that looks of quality, and not six rubber bracelets or mardi gras beads. 

Minimal makeup- You want your makeup to look smart, not overwhelming.  A smoky eye, a light pink/nude lip, mascara, and some blush are all you need to look smart and sophisticated at an interview.  If you don't know how to apply makeup, today is not the day to try a full face of it, just stick to mascara and some lipgloss.  The worst thing was having someone come into an interview looking like they wore all the makeup they had in their collection.  It is not flattering and detracts from the focus being on your intelligence, not your looks.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

This tag has been floating around YouTube but I finally saw it on Thee Optimists blog and just had to do it.
The Sweater Weather Tag
1. Favorite candle scent?
Black Orchid and Amber by Illume.  It smells cozy and warm and it fills the whole apartment in just minutes.  

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Coffee.  I have about six different flavors in rotation for my Keurig.  If I don't have a cup in the morning it takes me forever to wake up.

3. What's the best fall memory you have?
Jumping in the leaves.  My parents used to make us rake the leaves from the trees around the yard and my brother and I would jump in the piles afterwards before we bagged them up.

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? 
Winged eyeliner.  I wear winged eyeliner daily (or every day I wear makeup).  I feel naked without it, and after about four years of wearing it daily I have gotten quite good at making it look nice without any help from tape.

5. Best fragrance for fall?
Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.  It is my favorite all time scent, and it has just enough warmth to be worn in the fall without feeling like I'm trying too hard.

6. What is autumn weather like where you live?
Typically it is warm until late November, but this year it got cold around September.  It's not rainy, and it rarely snows even in the middle of winter, so it's mainly just chilly.  Sweater weather during the day and jacket weather at night.

7. Most worn sweater?
I would have to say a plain black sweater I got at the thrift store about two years ago.  It is light enough to be worn in the early fall, and it looks "professional" when paired with a statement necklace and some skinny jeans with a cute pair of boots.

8. Must-have nail polish this fall?
I have been wearing a lot of light pink polish this fall, but my favorite polish would have to be the butter LONDON This Old Bill.  It is a nice coppery gold metallic polish that goes with all of my cold weather clothes.

9. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
 Nowadays I would say neither.  I don't understand football, and am much too old to be jumping in the leaves without hurting myself.  

10. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Leggings.  I don't like the way my legs look in skinny jeans unless I'm wearing my big boots, but as it is not winter those never come out of my closet.  I have been wearing leggings daily since I've been out of work and find them extremely comfortable.

11. Combat boots or Uggs?
Combat boots all the way.  I would love to have a nice pair to walk around in, and hopefully my wish will be granted sooner than later.

12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
As far as smells go I like pumpkin scented candles, but food wise I can't stand pumpkin spice.  I think it is overhyped and overrated and it's nothing I look forward to when fall comes along.  I much prefer peppermint.

13. Favorite fall TV show?
The Originals, Haven, Elementary, Nashville, Scandal, Supernatural, the list goes on.  If it is on primetime TV this time of year you bet I'm watching it.  

14. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
Sara Bareilles Hercules.  This song has been my fall anthem.

I really love tag posts, and though I never get tagged I will continue to do them.  If you guys see a post out there like this let me know!  
Happy Wednesday all!

Monday, November 25, 2013

ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks

I have seen the hype around lip crayons grow immensely over the past few months.  This hype could only mean one thing in the beauty world.  The rise of the question "How can we use the lip crayon idea to enhance other products on the market?"

Enter the eyeshadow stick.  It's not an eyeliner.  It's not just a cream shadow.  It's definitely not your typical eyeshadow.  It's the new evolution of eyeshadow!  Well... kind of.

I have no doubt we will soon see eyeshadow sticks taking over the shelves with new formulations, colors, and thicknesses, from every brand imaginable in the next few months.  Heck, they are already everywhere, and I feel like this time around they are really going to be a force to be reckoned with.  But like any product on the market there are hit and misses.  For me, the ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks are a miss.  

I wanted to love these.  I really did.  I love ELF products.  I have had a few bad experiences in the past, but like I said, few.  Overall I love their brand.  Their eyeshadows are a daily staple.  As are their bronzers, blushes, setting powders, brushes, and concealers.  I use at least two products from them daily, as well as almost all my brushes being from the company.  But these were sadly just underwhelming.

Left: Turkish Coffee        Right: Rock Out

These started out promising enough.  They were easy enough to apply.  While they did tug at first, when the outer layer was worn off a little they just glided over my eyelids.  I liked the colors too.  Turkish Coffee is a really pretty brown color that was on the warm side.  It has shimmer to it, which I am a fan of, and it was one of the colors you can get away with rubbing all over your eyelid and it still looks good.  The color Rock Out is a more green/gray toned color.  It looked like the kind of color I like to swipe on in the winter when I'm looking for a "messy" no effort makeup look.  

Thats where the love affair ended.  I should have known when they applied so smoothly that we were going to have some problems.  Now, when I say problems, I mean I looked like the kind of person you see walking down the street the morning after a really good party.  The eyeshadow had smudged, my eyeliner had been swallowed up and rubbed away by the shadow, and it creased like nothing I had ever seen before.  Mind you, all of this happened after a primer had been put on my eyelids, and even with somewhat oily lids I have never had a creasing problem like this.  I was not impressed.  Even after applying my eyeliner three times it still got eaten up all the same.  The worst part being the creasing though.  It was like all the smudged off liner and shadow ended up in the crease of my eyelid and dried to run away to the sides of my face all at the same time.  Not a good look.

Being a stubborn Leo I will keep on trying these eyeshadow sticks until I find a way to make them work, but for now I sit here disappointed and sad that my first foray into eyeshadow sticks has not gone well.  Fear not! There are hundreds of makeup brands out there, and I will find a shadow stick to suit my needs on those "messy" makeup days.  

 Anyone have suggestions on a brand of eyeshadow sticks that work for them?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bath and Body Works

I have recently become a big fan of hand lotions.  I have them in my purse, by my beside, by my couch, and in my bathroom.  (I blame beauty boxes for this btw).  So when I was out at Bath and Body Works the other day looking at candles I discovered these cute little body lotions in Sleep and Stress Relief which I quickly grabbed up and trotted up to the register.

Stress Relief is a scent I already have in the massage oil from Bath and Body Works so I was really happy to add this little liton to my collection as well.  It smells really strongly, so if it's the smell you're after you only need a little amount.  It says it smells like eucalyptus and spearmint, but to me it smells a lot like a mans cologne.  I personally love the smell, and the smell lingers for a long while.  It is also quite moisturizing which is a plus for  me this winter.

The Sleep scent is perfect for falling asleep.  It is lavender and vanilla and my favorite thing to do is put it on my hands, glide my hand over the top of my pillow, and fall asleep.  It acts as a pillow smell and a lotion!  Probably not the best for my skin, but as i'm not putting any real amount of lotion on my pillow and only really transferring a scent I think it's okay.  The lotion itself is moisturizing and will last on my skin for a while, but it is not greasy which is a huge plus for me.

I would definitely get more of their hand lotions, and these being only $5 a piece I think it's a great deal.  

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Target Mini Haul

I love Christmas time at Target.  There are always cute little gift sets, and fun things you can use as stocking stuffers for your loved ones. 

This season I found some really amazing things I have been lusting after for quite some time now.

The  first thing I am always on the lookout for is scents, mainly Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.  It is by far my favorite scent when I go out, and so far I have only had the mini vials you get as samples which I use very sparingly.  Every set I have seen has cost upwards of $50-$75 and that just wasn't working for me.  Much to my surprise however I found these cute little gems while I was in Target and snatched them up.  At $11.99 a piece I could not resist pcking up the Viva La Juicy scent and the Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift scent (which I have also been hunting for). Both of these come in gorgeous gold tubes filled with 7.5 ml of the fragrance. 

The next thing I have been eyeing are the Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks by E.L.F and an eyelash curler.  I have never used an eyelash curler, but I figured for a buck I could try out this crazy looking contraption and see what the fuss is about.  In the eyeshadow sticks I got the colors Turkish Coffee and Rock out. (review coming soon).  As I had never had an eyeshadow stick before, and lip crayons are all the rage, this is another item I'd see if I could get behind.

The next things on my Target wishlist are the Viva La Juicy gift set and a pair of super cute boots and some moccasins.

What holiday gifts have you picked up from Target lately?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Motivational Wednesday

Every Wednesday I try to put up a motivational quote or saying to help get everyone through the rest of the week, and this weeks theme is friendship.
I am one of the lucky few people who gets to say my best friend actually became my family.  Not just in the metaphorical sense, but the legal sense.  
I have known my best friend Brenda since we were in elementary school, and through growing up, moving around, and all of the crazy things that go on when you grow up, she has always been in my life .  Over the course of our friendship she found the person she chose to spend the rest of her life with, who just happens to be my brother.  Now not only is she my best friend, and we have been claiming each other as family for years, but now she is going to be the mother to my nieces and nephews, and the person who makes my brother the happiest person I know.

Mushy story aside, we all have that one person who is our other half, our best friend, and part of our soul.  Without that person we don't feel as whole, or as secure.  They are the person we call when we have a bad day, they tell us exactly what we want to hear no matter what it is, and exactly what we don't want to hear no matter how much it hurts.  They are our therapy when we need it without the huge bill that comes at the end.  The person who will drive hours just to make sure we are okay, and give up any amount of time to make sure we are alright.  They are our "person".

Here's a shout out to all the best friends out there! You're awesome!

Tell your best friend you love them today! Happy Wednesday!

How To: Nail Care

Hey There Dolls,

If you're like me and you browse through what feels like hundreds of blog posts a day, you've probably run across more than one beauty blog raving about the new $24 nail polish from Dior, or $18 polish from Marc Jacobs.  If you're even more like me you cringe, visibly, when you read the price of those polishes, and think about how often you actually wear all of the colors in your collection.  Chances are you only ever remember that brief love affair you had with a polish when you first purchased it, then it got lost in the pile with the rest of your polishes, only to be brought out six months later for a final hurrah before being lost again.  Sound familiar?  If it does, then it means you're even more like me than I thought, and you probably also love drugstore polishes, but hate how they're labeled "cheap", making you feel bullied into hitting up a department store to empty your pockets to the polish gods.  Never fear! There is a way to make those "cheap" polishes look like they cost much more than you paid for them.

*I am NOT a professional. All of these tips are things I do/have done to my nails. Always make sure you check the ingredients of any products you may be using, and test them on a small part of your skin before you fully commit to anything.  Similarly, sterilize any tools you may be using, and please be careful.  No bloody fingers!*

First you have to start with the state of your hands.  If they're dry, moisturize them.  If they're not dry, moisturize them.  Even better, use a moisturizer with SPF in it so your pretty hands don't get destroyed by the sun.

Next lets look at your cuticles.  Are they dry, cracked, brittle, overgrown and crazy looking, or just plain in the way?  Use a cuticle remover, followed by pushing back the cuticle with an orange stick or remover stick, and if they still aren't up to your standards, you can take cuticle nippers and cut those stubborn ones off.  This will give you a clean, salon finished effect, that improves the look of polish tremendously.

The you have to look at the state of your nails.  If you, like me, have gotten bitten by the acrylic nail bug lately, you know how harmful they are to your natural nails.  You can try and file down the craziness, or you can use a ridge filler/smoother, but it is always best to let your nails just grow out and use a strengthening treatment on them until the damage grows out.  If you have been a good person and have not used acrylics, you will probably be in pretty good shape.  If you have any other nail problems (discoloration, ridges, fungus, etc.) you can pop on over to Sally Beauty's website and click around until you find the product that will work the best for you.

After all this prep work with your hands, it's time to start prepping your nails.

Start by wiping your nails down with some polish remover to get any excess oils off of your nails before you apply your polish.  This is also the time that you can use lotion/Vaseline around the sides of your nail if you're a bit messy when you apply your polish.  This makes it easier to wipe off the excess polish after you're done with application, but not necessary.

After picking out the polish (which is right on par in terms of importance as the prep work and application itself), you have to make sure the polish is mixed.  Don't shake it all around just because you like to hear the little metal bb rattle (guilty!).  Instead you should be rolling the bottle of polish between your hands to mix it, as it creates less bubbles in the polish.

Then apply your polish.  Go for long strokes from the nail bed to the tip.  You can either start in the middle with one broad stroke, then do two more on either side, or you can start on one side and go to the other.  Whatever you feel comfortable with, that gets you even results, is fine by me.  I'm the start in the middle kind of girl myself, but that's solely because I have an awful time getting an even coat on my nails, and this makes it easier for me to fake one if I have to.

Between coats you should wait about a minute, or less if you put a hairdryer to your nails (on cool).  This makes it so your polish doesn't bunch up. slide off, or get too thick.  Don't think that having to paint more than one coat means you'll end up with terribly painted nails, some polishes just need more than one coat.

When your coats are on, and your polish looks uniform and is dry, now it's time for cleanup.  You can use the "scrub until something bleeds" method, or you can use those cute little pointed Q-Tips (regular ones will work too) dipped in polish remover to get off the excess.

Finish off with some cuticle oil, or some hand lotion, and you're good to go!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Things I'm Loving : Autumn Edition

Autumn (or Fall) is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I always look forward to the weather getting cooler, the smells of leaves and woodstoves, and the ability to wear a sweater without sweating up a storm.  

Being a huge fan of lists, I decided to make a list of the top 10 things I'm loving this Autumn.
1. Tea.  I like green tea, black tea, warm tea, iced tea, fruity tea, bold flavored tea.  I just like tea.  I used to drink tea when I was younger, but then I switched to coffee because that's what the cool kids drank.  Recently I have rediscovered my love for this hot drink, and I have strayed away from the gobs of sugar I used to add into it as a child and I drink it plain.  It makes my tummy all warm and fuzzy, and is perfect for a cozy night in watching movies.
2. Coffee.  I have recently bought myself a Keurig and I LOVE IT.  It's simple, easy, and I like how it looks (I'm superficial when it comes to appliances).  To get my caffeine kick I used to chug Red Bulls like it was my job, but after it started affecting my health I decided to go for a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning.  It is the first thing I think about doing when I drag myself out of bed in the morning, and has been a great addition to my morning routine.  Not to mention a lot cheaper than Red Bulls are.
3. Water.  I know this is the third liquid/drink I have mentioned here, but I just can't get enough of it. I never used to drink water unless I was ill or it was over 85 degrees outside. I feel much better on days where I drink 3-4 glasses of water or more, and I have seen an improvement in the amount of migraines I get. Instead of drinking a glass of wine at night I go for a glass of water and a glass of hot tea and I'm good to go.
4.Cardigans.  I currently have three in my rotation, all oversized, and all over worn.  I love how easy they are to wear on a casual day, and how nice they are to snuggle up in at night.  For me I can never see cardigans going out of style.  I am hoping that Christmas brings me a few more cardigans to love and wear way too often.  if not I will definitely be buying them for myself.
5. Navy/gray/cream.  Those are my go to colors this fall.  Sure I'll mix in some rust here, and some olive there, but navy gray and cream have taken over.  From my jewelry, to my nails, to the clothes I wear and the things I buy.  These colors have taken over my life, and I'm okay with it.
6. Artificial Rain App.  I have been having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night.  The sound of rain storms, and rain in general puts me in a sound sleep, so I downloaded about six rain and ambient noise apps on my phone and put them to the test.  The one that has worked the best for me and the boyfriend has been the Mood Rain app from JMD Mobile DEV Studios.  It has rain and thunder sounds on a continual loop, and it fades in and out every few minutes.  It puts my racing thoughts quickly to bed and gives me a deep sleep that I have come to enjoy immensely.
7. Chapstick Hydration Lock (I know I said I didnt care for it, but apparently I made a liar out of myself).  I received this in my October Birchbox and I didn't care for it when I first tried it.  I was looking for a thick beeswax type balm to soothe my lips, and this is nothing like that.  However, it gives my lips a silky smooth feeling, and has done wonders for my lips.  I'm glad that I gave this another shot and I will definitely be on the hunt for this balm before I run out.
8. The Originals.  The Originals is a TV show on the CW network that is a spinoff of the Vampire Diaries character Klaus Mikaelson.  I never got into the Vampire Diaries, but this was on before one of my all time favorite shows Supernatural, and I just fell in love.  It's about the battle between witches and vampires in the downtown New Orleans.  I love the storyline, the characters, and how the story progresses with each episode without those filler episodes in between.  I highly suggest you give it a look see.
9. Haven.  Haven is another one of my all time favorite shows.  It is on the SyFy network (hello guilty pleasure channel), and I got into it after I ran out of old episodes of Supernatural on Netflix.  It's all about a small town where people have supernatural abilities and one lady who is immune to the effects of the abilities called "troubles".  There is never a dull moment or repeat type episode and I look forward to watching this every week.
10.British YouTubers.  There has been a British invasion of YouTubers, and I am obsessed.  From the girls and their beauty blogs, to the boys and their jokes, I am hooked.  They all make me want to start a YouTube channel myself.  Not only are they all amazing, but they're all friends in some way!  It's like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game.  Insane.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NYC In A New York Color Minute

My favorite colors as of late have been navy, gray, and cream.  In my mind they go amazingly well together, but then again I'm the person who doesn't like green and pink, or green and blue, or brown and black, which are all perfectly acceptable things in the beauty industry.  Anywhoo, to go with my latest obsession with those three colors, I went into Target in search of a navy blue polish, and because I can never seem to find the polish shade I'm looking for when I'm looking for it, I ended up with this pretty gray polish instead.

Let me just say, this $1.99 polish is cheap, but as I have found with this line previously, it really impressed me.


I purchased the shade Sidewalkers, and it is the color of concrete(like a sidewalk, get it?), or a gray crayola.  It was opaque in two coats, and dried in about five minutes.  It didn't streak for me, like lighter polishes tend to do, and with my nails being so short it has yet to chip after three days.  I really like how it makes my nails look more grown up than a glitter polish would, and even with my ridiculously short nails (thank you acrylics) it still looks nice.  

*Tangent- I'm not sure if anyone else shares the same views as I do about short nails, but sometimes a glittery polish, or even a lighter "regular" polish, can make your nails feel childish.  Typically when I am forced to cut my nails into little stubs I like the look of a darker polish to look more sophisticated.  With my hands already being small and stubby the last thing I want is to be told I have little kids hands because I decided to wear baby blue polish (thanks Dad).*End Tangent

 Being a lover of cheap (price wise) nail products I highly recommend everyone run out to their local Target, or drugstore, and give this brand a try. 

With that, I say happy polish hunting, and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2013

Hey There Dolls,
As you know I am a huge fan of beauty subscriptions, and one of those subscriptions is to the Ipsy Glam Bag.  This month was a huge hit for me, and one of my all time favorites from the contents down to the bag itself.

The Be A Bombshell lip crayon is in the shade shameless.  It is a pinky red color, that at first glance looks to be a dark red, but when applied is a sparkly medium red color.  It is perfect for the person who doesn't want a bold lip, but would still like some color.  It applies smoothly and can be built up if desired.

I was really excited for the em lash gallery mascara.  I love a good chunky eyelash, and the more mascaras I can try out the better.  The brush is slightly curved, and has what looks like a cross between fiber and plastic bristles.  It looks to be a black mascara, and is not waterproof, but since it is a volumizing mascara it will go under a waterproofer or a waterproof mascara.

I'm not usually a fan of sparkly eyeliners, but this sparkly purple liner will look great on the lower lashline in winter.  It's by the brand Star Looks, which I have never heard of before, and it is a Gem pencil in the color Amethyst.  It glides on really smooth, and is not a chunky glitter, but a fine glitter.  As long as it doesn't pepper my cheeks with glitter I think this pencil and I will get along just fine.

I received another bh cosmetics product in an Ipsy bag a few months back and I didn't like it at all.  The shade Sun in the Galaxy Chic collection has changed my mind about the brand.  It looks mottled in the package, but comes out this gorgeous peach color that will be perfect for a lazy day.  It's a shimmer shade, that goes on very smooth, and will probably be a new favorite in my makeup rotation.

I have tried a few Pixi brand products I've received in boxes and I loved them.  Their mascara is perfect for layering, and their eyeliners are buttery smooth and highly pigmented, so when I saw this bronzer I was more than excited to try it out. I received the shade Subtly Suntouched and it is a very light colored bronzer.  It is very soft, with a fine shimmer, and will give my face that little bit of glow in the cold dark winter months.

The last product is the Nailtini nail polish in the shade Champagne.  I have a love for rose gold, and this shade is absolutely wonderful.  I expect to get a lot of use out of this product, and any other metallic polishes I have in my collection this winter.  To me this product screams fancy dinner party, cocktail dress, and tiny foods on silver trays.  Oh, and of course champagne.

From Top: Pixi Bronzer in  Subtly Suntouched, Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless, Star Looks Gem Pencil in Amethyst, bh cosmetics baked eyeshadow in Sun.
  I highly recommend the Ipsy Glam Bag if you don't already have a subscription.  At only $10 a month for 4-5 full/sample sized beauty products it is well worth the investment.