Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Navy Blue : Pinterest Edition

Hey There Dolls,

I've been sitting here for hours trying to find a motivational quote, or an idea of what to post today.  My skin is flaring up, my hair is acting like it wants to belong to a lion, I woke up way too late to wear real clothes and put on any makeup, and I found nothing in my pinterest archive as far as quotes go.  

What I did find however is inspiration for a new series I want to do on the blog.  I want to put up little snippets of my pinterest account pertaining to a theme I'm currently loving in my life.  At the moment that theme is Navy Blue.  Most days all I wear is Navy Blue, I want my wedding colors to be navy and yellow, and it's the exact color I want as my bedroom walls in the apartment.
yellow navy wedding decor 
 I'm absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. It's more addictive to me than Tumblr and Instagram and Facebook combined.  Go check out my Pinterest, and if you follow me I'll follow you!

What's your favorite color this fall?

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