Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blush Mystery Beauty Box November 2013

Hey There Lovelies,

As you all know I subscribe to some beauty boxes, and this month has been my favorite so far.  I've already received two boxes and both have amazing products in them that I am so excited to try out.

I subscribe to the Blush Mystery Beauty box, which is $25 a month with a monthly subscription and is always valued over $130.  This month the value was over $250 so I was thrilled to be a part of the subscription list.

Without further ado, here are the contents of the Blush Mystery Box for November 2013


The featured product of the month was the Cargo Eye Pencil in Brown.  Now I'm not a huge fan of brown eye pencils, and am a firm jet black liquid eyeliner lover, but this pencil can really soften any look.  I think this would be great with any eye color, and if I can't make it work for me then my mom will be getting this when she comes down for a visit. 

The smart lash eye enhancer promises fuller longer lashes, and the applicator is like a lip brush which makes application a breeze.  I'm still iffy on using things that are supposed to "enhance" your eyelashes, especially because I wear contacts so if there is any irritation in my eyes that makes contacts a no go.  I am definitely going to do more research, just like with the other lash enhancer sample I received, but I think I may just be a big girl and try this stuff out.

I have never owned anything from Elizabeth Arden, and I associate the brand with perfume and older women.  That being said, older more established brands are trying to reach out to a younger audience, and this mascara is something I am excited to try out.  It's a black volumizing mascara  with a "normal" brush, so I'm hopeful that I'll like it.  

The Anastasia Lip Gloss is in the color sorbet, and it is a bright coral orange color.  It is also the tiniest little thing I've ever seen, and the applicator looks like a doe foot applicator with the fuzzy stuff ripped off.  When my boyfriend opened the gloss he asked me "What sort of witch craft is this?" because it is the thickest stickiest lip gloss I have ever come across.  I'm gonna say out of everything I got in the box this is the least exciting thing, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. 
The Pur-Lisse moisturizer is another thing I was excited to see in the box.  I have a problem finding moisturizers that don't feel sticky and greasy.  This says it's for normal-dry skin, and with combination oily skin so this product isn't something that will work with my current skin, but this is something I know my mom will love. My one disappointment is that it smells like sunscreen, but in the summer months when she's out and about on the boat this will be great.  

The Resist antioxidant serum is very very exciting for me.  I love serums, and my skin is definitely in need of some TLC, and with it being for my exact skin type I'm so excited to try this.  When my skin calms down a little I will be giving a full review on this product.

 Volume is not something I necessarily need in my hair, but I'm hoping this Root Lifting Spray by Nick Chavez will make my second day hair behave a little better.  Lately my hair has been huge, but the longer it gets the more the weight drags it down, so even if this isn't working this month, in the next few it should come more into play.  Now, I don't know what horsetail is exactly, but hey, they must know things I don't right?  I trust you Nick Chavez.  Don't lead me astray.
These two little samples were the bonus items in this months box.  The NeoStrata is supposed to smooth out your face and plump it.  Even with my chipmunk cheeks my face is lacking in the smooth pretty plumpness, so I have high hopes for this little number.
NHEB-05 is an odd name for a brand, but it stands for Natural Herb Extract Blended, and there are five herbs involved, hence the name.  This is mainly for babies, as it it all natural and meant for delicate skin, but it can also be used by adults with sensitive skin.  I'm not sure if I'll use this or give it away, but I think the concept and ideas behind the brand are something to be excited about.  With my brother and sister in law having a baby in July I think this brand will definitely be on my list of things to buy.  
Overall I love this months box and strongly  recommend everyone picking up a subscription.  

What boxes do you subscribe to / what products from the box do you want a full review from?
Happy Saturday Loves!

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