Sunday, November 17, 2013

NYC In A New York Color Minute

My favorite colors as of late have been navy, gray, and cream.  In my mind they go amazingly well together, but then again I'm the person who doesn't like green and pink, or green and blue, or brown and black, which are all perfectly acceptable things in the beauty industry.  Anywhoo, to go with my latest obsession with those three colors, I went into Target in search of a navy blue polish, and because I can never seem to find the polish shade I'm looking for when I'm looking for it, I ended up with this pretty gray polish instead.

Let me just say, this $1.99 polish is cheap, but as I have found with this line previously, it really impressed me.


I purchased the shade Sidewalkers, and it is the color of concrete(like a sidewalk, get it?), or a gray crayola.  It was opaque in two coats, and dried in about five minutes.  It didn't streak for me, like lighter polishes tend to do, and with my nails being so short it has yet to chip after three days.  I really like how it makes my nails look more grown up than a glitter polish would, and even with my ridiculously short nails (thank you acrylics) it still looks nice.  

*Tangent- I'm not sure if anyone else shares the same views as I do about short nails, but sometimes a glittery polish, or even a lighter "regular" polish, can make your nails feel childish.  Typically when I am forced to cut my nails into little stubs I like the look of a darker polish to look more sophisticated.  With my hands already being small and stubby the last thing I want is to be told I have little kids hands because I decided to wear baby blue polish (thanks Dad).*End Tangent

 Being a lover of cheap (price wise) nail products I highly recommend everyone run out to their local Target, or drugstore, and give this brand a try. 

With that, I say happy polish hunting, and have a wonderful day!

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