Monday, November 18, 2013

Things I'm Loving : Autumn Edition

Autumn (or Fall) is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I always look forward to the weather getting cooler, the smells of leaves and woodstoves, and the ability to wear a sweater without sweating up a storm.  

Being a huge fan of lists, I decided to make a list of the top 10 things I'm loving this Autumn.
1. Tea.  I like green tea, black tea, warm tea, iced tea, fruity tea, bold flavored tea.  I just like tea.  I used to drink tea when I was younger, but then I switched to coffee because that's what the cool kids drank.  Recently I have rediscovered my love for this hot drink, and I have strayed away from the gobs of sugar I used to add into it as a child and I drink it plain.  It makes my tummy all warm and fuzzy, and is perfect for a cozy night in watching movies.
2. Coffee.  I have recently bought myself a Keurig and I LOVE IT.  It's simple, easy, and I like how it looks (I'm superficial when it comes to appliances).  To get my caffeine kick I used to chug Red Bulls like it was my job, but after it started affecting my health I decided to go for a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning.  It is the first thing I think about doing when I drag myself out of bed in the morning, and has been a great addition to my morning routine.  Not to mention a lot cheaper than Red Bulls are.
3. Water.  I know this is the third liquid/drink I have mentioned here, but I just can't get enough of it. I never used to drink water unless I was ill or it was over 85 degrees outside. I feel much better on days where I drink 3-4 glasses of water or more, and I have seen an improvement in the amount of migraines I get. Instead of drinking a glass of wine at night I go for a glass of water and a glass of hot tea and I'm good to go.
4.Cardigans.  I currently have three in my rotation, all oversized, and all over worn.  I love how easy they are to wear on a casual day, and how nice they are to snuggle up in at night.  For me I can never see cardigans going out of style.  I am hoping that Christmas brings me a few more cardigans to love and wear way too often.  if not I will definitely be buying them for myself.
5. Navy/gray/cream.  Those are my go to colors this fall.  Sure I'll mix in some rust here, and some olive there, but navy gray and cream have taken over.  From my jewelry, to my nails, to the clothes I wear and the things I buy.  These colors have taken over my life, and I'm okay with it.
6. Artificial Rain App.  I have been having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night.  The sound of rain storms, and rain in general puts me in a sound sleep, so I downloaded about six rain and ambient noise apps on my phone and put them to the test.  The one that has worked the best for me and the boyfriend has been the Mood Rain app from JMD Mobile DEV Studios.  It has rain and thunder sounds on a continual loop, and it fades in and out every few minutes.  It puts my racing thoughts quickly to bed and gives me a deep sleep that I have come to enjoy immensely.
7. Chapstick Hydration Lock (I know I said I didnt care for it, but apparently I made a liar out of myself).  I received this in my October Birchbox and I didn't care for it when I first tried it.  I was looking for a thick beeswax type balm to soothe my lips, and this is nothing like that.  However, it gives my lips a silky smooth feeling, and has done wonders for my lips.  I'm glad that I gave this another shot and I will definitely be on the hunt for this balm before I run out.
8. The Originals.  The Originals is a TV show on the CW network that is a spinoff of the Vampire Diaries character Klaus Mikaelson.  I never got into the Vampire Diaries, but this was on before one of my all time favorite shows Supernatural, and I just fell in love.  It's about the battle between witches and vampires in the downtown New Orleans.  I love the storyline, the characters, and how the story progresses with each episode without those filler episodes in between.  I highly suggest you give it a look see.
9. Haven.  Haven is another one of my all time favorite shows.  It is on the SyFy network (hello guilty pleasure channel), and I got into it after I ran out of old episodes of Supernatural on Netflix.  It's all about a small town where people have supernatural abilities and one lady who is immune to the effects of the abilities called "troubles".  There is never a dull moment or repeat type episode and I look forward to watching this every week.
10.British YouTubers.  There has been a British invasion of YouTubers, and I am obsessed.  From the girls and their beauty blogs, to the boys and their jokes, I am hooked.  They all make me want to start a YouTube channel myself.  Not only are they all amazing, but they're all friends in some way!  It's like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game.  Insane.

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