Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Outfits

Hey There Dolls,

Fall is upon us and that means a quick wardrobe change to everything cozy, comfy, and cute.

I'm not a very formal person outside of an office, even when I go out with friends or out to dinner it's always very casual and comfortable.  My biggest annoyance is when I'm wearing something that rides up, or is too tight, and all I do is think about my clothes, and miss having a good time.

Now, none of these things are things I own (Insert hundreds of sad faces), but all things I want to own, or I want to own things like these.  You will also notice how most of the pants are flared.  Those are the only type of pants I wear, unless it's too cold and I need to break out my Syracuse boots. 

What are some fall staples for your closet?

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