Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Motivational Wednesday

Every Wednesday I try to put up a motivational quote or saying to help get everyone through the rest of the week, and this weeks theme is friendship.
I am one of the lucky few people who gets to say my best friend actually became my family.  Not just in the metaphorical sense, but the legal sense.  
I have known my best friend Brenda since we were in elementary school, and through growing up, moving around, and all of the crazy things that go on when you grow up, she has always been in my life .  Over the course of our friendship she found the person she chose to spend the rest of her life with, who just happens to be my brother.  Now not only is she my best friend, and we have been claiming each other as family for years, but now she is going to be the mother to my nieces and nephews, and the person who makes my brother the happiest person I know.

Mushy story aside, we all have that one person who is our other half, our best friend, and part of our soul.  Without that person we don't feel as whole, or as secure.  They are the person we call when we have a bad day, they tell us exactly what we want to hear no matter what it is, and exactly what we don't want to hear no matter how much it hurts.  They are our therapy when we need it without the huge bill that comes at the end.  The person who will drive hours just to make sure we are okay, and give up any amount of time to make sure we are alright.  They are our "person".

Here's a shout out to all the best friends out there! You're awesome!

Tell your best friend you love them today! Happy Wednesday!

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