Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Face

Hey There Dolls,

Disclaimer: This is not a skincare post. 

I've been a bad girl and totally strayed away from any sort of face/skin care routine.  Now I haven't really worn makeup in the past few weeks, and when I do I always make sure to clean my face properly.  On days I don't wear makeup (try 5 out of seven days a week), I've been staying up late, sleeping in late, not washing my face, washing it with harsh products and not following up with a good moisturizer, and dealing with hormones and anxiety on top of all that badness.  After about two weeks of a mishmoshed skin care routine I finally decided to get my act together.  That's when my skin had a huge flare up and punished me for forgetting about taking care of it properly. 

Today was going to be the day I got my car looked at and fixed, so I looked in the mirror and thought "oh gosh I can't leave the house looking like this... Something must be done."  I pulled out my concealer and foundation and got to work on a look that covered up my spots and looked befitting of Fall.

Like the disclaimer at the top of the page says, this is not a skincare post.  When I figure out the right combination of products to help clear up my skin and put it back in a happy place, I will definitely share that with you guys.  Until then wish me luck!

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