Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lush Bath Haul

Hey There Lovelies,

With all the new posts about autumn/winter releases at Lush, my curiosity got the best of me and I made a trip down to the Lush store to take a peek.

As usual I went overboard with the amount of stuff I purchased, but in my defense it all smells so damn good I couldn't resist.


From Top:

Pumpkin Mumpkin : I love now only how cute it is, but the promise of bubbles in my bath.  
Luxury Bath Bomb: Smells just like the Twilight bath bomb I fell in love with the last time I went to Lush.  All the little spots along the side make your bath into a rainbow.
Golden Slumbers: Golden glitter, sleepytime smells, I'm sold.
Lord Of Misrule: To me it smells a lot like the Twilight bath bomb, so I'm excited to see what happens when I put it into a bath.
Star Light Star Bright: This is a bath melt, covered in a fine silver glitter which gets absolutely everywhere (Warning: Put it in a bag and leave it there until you're ready to use it or you WILL end up with glitter on everything you own.  Fine glitter does not come out of clothing well.) Apparently this turns blue in your bath, which along with the glitter sold me instantly, and it smells like citrus.

Hauling makes me wish I had a camera and could film haul videos for you guys.  Christmas is right around the corner though, so fingers crossed!

Happy Sunday

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