Sunday, August 17, 2014

Have We Found A Dupe For Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in Get Ready?

Have you ever found a lipstick and fell in love with it, only to have something catastrophic happen to it like lose it or break it?  I have, just recently actually, and it was absolutely devastating.  The lipstick in question is Bare Minerals Marvelous Movie Lipstick in Get Ready.  It was so devastating I went out of a mission and could not get my little mind to calm down until I rectified the situation.  First I thought, well maybe I should just buck up and buy another tube.  Then I thought, well if the first tube is any indication of what might happen to my next tube, maybe I should try and find a dupe, and I succeeded!

Look at that color match!  Near perfection.

This folks is what happens when you live in a humid and hot state that is unforgiving in the summer months.  Your poor baby lipstick just melts and breaks and gets everywhere.  Such a heartbreak.  Sorry for the bad picture, even my lipstick is ashamed to be seen in it's disheveled state.

This is the dupe!  Wet and Wild lipstick in the shade Wine Room.  It's the perfect mauvey pink for my skin tone and looks like "my lips but better".  The formula is different, but nothing I dislike enough to ditch the dupe.  The Bare Minerals lipstick is creamy and glides on your lips like butter, and leaves an almost glossy finish to your lips.  The Wet and Wild version is more of a matte finish which can either be left on its own, or finished off with a gloss if you're into the shiny lip thing.  Me being more of a matte girl likes the matte finish just a little bit more, but you do need a really good exfoliation before you put this on your lips like with any other matte lipstick.  The wear time is good for both lipsticks as both are fairly pigmented, and both face nicely (AKA don't leave a line around your lips reminiscent of cherry koolaid). 

It took everything in me not to leap for joy when I found out this was a dupe, and for a fraction of the price it's a huge steal.  

What types of dupes do you go crazy for?

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