Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Love Good Customer Service

Hey there Bloggers,
So I work in a customer service industry, and to me, customer service either makes or breaks a company.  
I recently subscribed to Birchbox, and let me tell you I am floored by their level of customer service.  

In the June box I was supposed to get a LAQA & CO. Lil' Lip lip crayon.  I checked early to see what was going to be in my box, and I thought hey! how neat!  The big day arrives, the box finally gets delivered, and no lip crayon in sight.  Bummer.  So I decided to see what would happen if I e-mailed the customer service team at Birchbox and told them my dilemma.  Within 24 hours I got a response saying they were looking into it, and in under a week (I keep forgetting I have two different e-mail addresses to check) I had confirmation I was going to receive one in the mail.  
No Way!
Yes Way!
I got the little baby lip crayon today in the brightest fuscia pink shade that I love and I couldn't be happier. 
I am so impressed with how polite they were, and that they were prompt in responding to my request.  
Super happy.
Super excited to try out my new lip crayon.
Super excited I got a haircut and bought a bunch of stuff from Sephora and Lush (did not know we had one in the mall down here!) which will be reviewed and posted on hopefully sooner than later!

Much love and laughs

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