Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cleaning House: Beauty Edition

Disclaimer:  This month has been pretty hectic. I was insanely busy at work trying to follow up with all of my customers as soon as the new year hit before I hopped on a plane on the 4th and spent a full 5 days in Atlanta Georgia for work.  I flew back home on a Friday and on Sunday night I got a call my grandfather had passed away. This past week has been full of training my partner in what I learned while I was away and just trying to hold it all together on the family front.  I honestly though this month would be full of posts and pictures and inspiration and so far it has just been full of stress and work and life.  Sometimes things happen and what you thought were your priorities suddenly change.

::Onto the real post::

In just the past two months I have acquired what you see below:

All from beauty boxes, and a few gems from Christmas gifts from friends.  (The few gems are a handful of lip products.  These beauty boxes are spoiling me with goodies.)

I decided I've had enough of my hoarding tendencies and started furiously going through my drawers and boxes and either throwing out, giving away, or re-organizing everything.  My poor mother is getting a bag full of hair products and a box full of makeup and skincare.  Sharing is caring!

Especially after these past few weeks I feel like I need a fresh start.  A clean out of all my old habits and things to make room to grow and really start to figure out my place. I started with my makeup, next is my clothes, and then for the less materialistic things in my life. Sidenote: My boyfriend LOVES that I suddenly want to clean.  Win win!

This is a super short post, a little update into my life, and a promise that next month will be filled with some pretty awesome things. Maybe I'll become a real blogger and actually start carrying a camera around with me.  Wouldn't that be neat?

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