Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Must Apologize

I'm here to say I'm sorry folks.  I've been on hiatus for about a month with no urge to blog, take pictures, or generally contribute to social media.  I got a case of the winter blues and decided to go out into the world and start enjoying it instead of hiding behind a computer screen.

That being said I realized some things.  I realized how much I like writing, how my life is much more than makeup, and how Its Poker Dollface is about to go through an overhaul.  If you want to see not only makeup but DIY tutorials, random adventures, the occasional poem or chapter in a miniseries (hint hint), or videos (hint hint) stick with me and enjoy the ride. If not I understand and hope we can still be friends.

Sometimes growth is about shedding old skin to make way for the new beauty underneath to flourish.

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