Monday, November 17, 2014

Birchbox November 2014

Birchbox is hitting it out of the park this month with it's subscription boxes.  There maaaay have been quite a few pig squeals happening when this box was opened.

All the things.  All the beautiful things.

Not Soap Radio Lemon Body Wash-  This smells like lemon candies and makes me one very happy little lady.  This will be perfect for this summer on a lazy day.  Who doesn't want to smell like candies?

Folle de Joie Perfume-  This smells like spring to me.  Fresh, happy, and lovely.  I'm still stuck in my musky winter manly scents but come spring I will definitely break this baby out.

Color Therapy Styling Oil-  I am always looking for the next best hair product.  I love that it works with colored hair, it's a light oil, and it doesn't have an offensive smell.  As soon as this winter static stops plaguing my hair I will definitely be trying this.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer- This rose gold highlighter is not only adorably packaged but also one amazing product.  It's a "lit from within" kind of shine and it goes perfectly over any color blush.

Eslor Firming Day Cream-  This smells JUST like you would expect a facial cream you find in your grandmothers makeup drawer.  For that reason and that reason only I will not be using this.  It will be going to my mom.  Maybe she can stand the smell.

The one thing I didn't individually photograph were the coconut chips.  They were really good, as I find most coconut chips are, but they made me horribly sick.  I don't think it is a flawed product, I just think I can't eat coconut like that anymore.

I absolutely loved this whole box.  It gets an A from me.  Even with the smelly lotion I still loved everything enough to give it high marks.  

Are you subscribed to Birchbox yet?  You should be!

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