Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stiletto or Almond?

Hey there Dolls!

It's a new month and I'm already behind on posts!    To christen my November blog posts I decided to write about my biggest accomplishment of the month, doing my own acrylic nails.

I bought the acrylic starter kit from Sally Beauty (get the low/no odor kind, trust me on this), which is about $20.  I looked around Sally's for a good half hour before settling on this kit. It comes with absolutely everything you need to do a full set of acrylics for a fraction of the price you would pay by piecing the kit together or going to a salon every two weeks.

This is what the box looks like

This is what lives inside of the box

Next step after deciding what kit to choose was to pick the nail shape.  I chose stiletto nails for Halloween, but more angled at the top to look like claws.  It makes me think my inner spirit animal is a wolf or large cat.  Not only do I love how they look, but it's a huge confidence boost to have really cool nails that I did myself.
First Set of Naked Nails

Painted a Deep Burgundy

Set # 2
A Little More Pointed Like Swords

Helloooooo Gorgeous

Overall I love how they look.  They make me happy, proud, and confident.  

Now on to finding my perfect eye makeup!  YouTube tutorials watch out!

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