Monday, August 24, 2015

Forever 21 Jewelry Binge

Hi Guys! Long time no post. 
Sorry for the absence but I've been dealing with a little bout of the good 'ol blues. 
But enough of the sad stuff and onto the shiny goodies!

About a month ago I went home to see my beautiful starfish Marceline turn one! The trip was full of family and food and reflection. It also called for a shopping trip beforehand so I knew I was summer ready and full of that extra sparkle for those late night trips out.  Tenesha and I headed out to Forever 21, caught a hella good sale, and went craaaaazy with the jewelry.


As you can see I went a tad bit overboard with the nose rings.  I really want to get one but I'm still unsure if I want to make that commitment.  So instead of jamming a needle through my nose I got some faux rings to see A) If I can handle anything being in my nose like that, and B) If I still like how it looks after 5 minutes.  The answer to both of those is I still need a little more time to decide.

I got some feathers for my hair (which I didn't use because my hair was never down), some pretty ear cuffs, a gorgeous chain for my hand and a HONEYCOMB RING! (Can you tell which one I like the best?).  

What are some of the summer accessories you picked up along the way?

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