Monday, August 31, 2015

Selfie Snap

I am a member of the shaky selfie club.  We can't hold the phone straight, it wobbles all around, we can never find the damn snap button, and our selfies look like we are entering the early stages of a shaking disease.

I have to constantly apologize for blurry selfies, take thirty of the damn things, and then go deleting all the ones I can't use while keeping the "ehh I guess it'll do" ones.

Enter into my world the "Selfie Snap".  You download the app on your phone, open it up, and snap away. All while holding your phone securely in one hand and hitting a button in the other.  No more "losing" the snap button on your phone, jostling things around to find where the button is, and best of all no more shaky hands! I mean, there will always be shaky hands, BUT NOT AS BAD!.

My only hangup with this little gem is I keep forgetting about it.  I go about my day and forget it's in my pocket. It also makes this terrible noise when you take pictures so if you thought this would help you with your "descrete" photos of the odd people you see during the day, this does not help that agenda.  

Go Get Selfie Snap!!!

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