Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wet N Wild Haul

Do you like lipsticks?
Do you like saving money?
Do you like hella good products at an affordable price in your local drugstore?
If you said yes to all those questions this post is definitely for you.

I went on a little binge a few weeks ago and spent,what should have been a ton of money, on new things.  One of those things? (or should I say a handful of those things) Lipstick.  12 Wet and Wild Lipsticks to be exact.

Here they are!
 (the swatches start at the bottom left and work to the right and then go to the top row.  A little confusing I'm sorry)

This is by no means the full range, but it's a pretty good sample size. I got mine at CVS but I've seen them at target and

The best part of these lipsticks? $1. The other best part of these lipsticks? Never come off.  The worst part of these litpsticks? Never come off (they stain like craaaaaazy).  But for a dollar I really am never going to complain.

My only little harumph moment with these is the top of the lipstick is above the top of the casing, so smudging and smashing, and general messiness can happen if you are not being super careful when putting the cap back on.

Otherwise I say GO FOR IT! What do you really have to wait for? Good lippies at a very good price in a bagillion colors all for the taking!

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