Saturday, July 26, 2014

How Do We Feel About Lip Liner?

The first rule of lipstick is to set a good foundation.  Without it you stand to have a meltdown, a smudge fest, or feathering in all those lines you never though you had.

What one product can help all of this stop happening? Lip liner.

                                                       Oldie but this stuff stayed put all darn day

There are nude liners, ones made to match the lipstick of your choice, ones made to stand out, and some people even use eyeliner as a lip liner depending on the look they are trying to achieve.  Whatever way you go I'm here to tell you it's never too late to start wearing lip liner, and it may just be the thing to change how you view lipstick.

First step is to decide what color liner you're going to use.  Are you wearing a nude lip?  A nude liner a shade darker can really define your lips so they don't melt into your face.  Are you wearing a bold lip?  Try using a liner relatively close to the color you're wearing.  It won't take away from the statement you want to make, and it will keep that color on your lips and off the rest of your face.  Are you wearing a really dark lip?  No matter the color you're putting on, stay away from the black liner for everyday wear.  It can create some really pretty lips, but it can also look like you lost a bet, or your makeup case.  Go for a dark purple, or burgundy.  It can blend into the lips without leaving a harsh line, looks flattering under almost any deep shade, and if you mess up you won't have to start all over, you can just blend it into the lip.

 Second step is to take a serious look at your lips. Are they full?  Thin?  Is your smile lopsided?  All things to consider when you plan out what you want your final look to be.  Full lips you say?  Well you lucky ladies your job is easy.  Just make sure you keep your outline to the edge of the lip, or even riiiiight to the inside, and you're good to go.  Thin lipped?  Well did you know that there is such a thing as overdrawing your lips?  No, not like Ronald McDonald, but just ever so slightly going outside your top or bottom lip can give the look of fuller lips without any injections.  Just be careful not to go too crazy.  Lop sided smile?  Well hello friends I feel you on this one.  One side of my lip is higher than the other, just slightly, but it always is a pain when it comes to lining your lips.  If you want the real tip on how to fix our little problem, the trade secret, think x.  Any questions?  Keep reading.

Next step is the actual application.  Age old trick the internet taught me (thank you internet) , is to make an x where your cupids bow is.  The hardest thing for me is to get my top lip to match on both sides, and this gives you a great starting point.  Don't rush, and don't press down so hard you end up breaking off the tip of the liner.  Go slowly, and make small lines instead of one solid sweep.  You can always go back over it to darken or fill in the liner if you think it needs a touch up.

What's next you say?  Well dolls that is all up to you.  You can fill your whole lip in with liner to give yourself a solid base of color, or you can put the liner down, blend the edges, and put some lipstick on.  Show the world what an artist you are and take that pout outside, you are officially your own Davinci.

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  1. Pamela Connor MorrisseyJuly 26, 2014 at 6:47 PM

    Great ideas! Love the pics!