Friday, May 24, 2013

Welcome To Hey There Dollface!

Hey there blogosphere!

My name is Carolyn and lately I have become slightly obsessed with all the beauty/fashion/style/lifestyle blogs out there so I decided to make one of my own! With a little help from my sweet friend back home Taylor of course.  Now I know that blogs are supposed to be a representation of your own thoughts and feelings on a particular topic, but lets face it, I'm not the remembering to post everyday type of person. So what better way to keep up with all the new fun things showing up in the makeup/beauty world than to enlist some help from a mighty pretty girl to do it. We also have different skin/hair types, and much different tastes, so between the both of us you get a pretty good mix of products we like/dislike/will urge you to go and try out. Hopefully we are up and running within a few weeks and showing you some cute new things we've come across.

Until then,
Much love and laughs
-Care and Tay

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