Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Deep Clean or Disaster

Hey there blogosphere,

So I have used the TRESemme clarifying shampoo one time, and I can already tell it's going to be tough to use.  I have never used a clarifying shampoo, but lately all you hear is how you have to have a clean scalp for hair to grow longer faster.  This is the culprit:

Friend or Foe

I've been trying to grow my hair out for months, and because I dye my hair it never seems to grow very fast.  So trying to keep in step with these new discoveries, and using way too many different products in my hair over the past few months, I gave it a shot.  Boy does this stuff work, a little too well for my liking.  Right away it built up a good lather, and after rinsing I could feel that all the oils and build-up were gone.  I was really excited about the results (I never find shampoo or conditioner to be much different from brand to brand).  The next day however I had the most serious case of itchy tender scalp that I have ever had (and I am no stranger to bleach and strong hair dyes).  Talk about bothersome.

I'm going to leave this to a once every few weeks. Also when my hair starts to fade and I need to start with a fresh slate.  Maybe other people find this stuff awesome, but I think I'd need a less intense version to really give this method the benefit of the doubt.

What do you all think about clarifying shampoos?  Any recommendations?

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