Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Allure Sample Society Beauty Box

The Allure Sample Society Subscription Box is probably my second favorite box to open every month, after the Blush Box of course.  I always get great products I've never seen before, and always find at least one thing in the box to obsess over for the month.  This month I found two!

Alterna happens to be my new favorite hair care brand, so seeing this Caviar CC Cream in this month's box was really exciting.  I love leave in conditioners, especially with the current state of my hair, and the smell is to die for.

Around this time last year I was obsessed with trying to find a product to make myself tan.  Now I never bought one, but I shopped and read reviews and shopped some more.  I've tried some lip products from Jane Iredale and I've absolutely loved them, so maybe this year I'll hop on the tan bandwagon and try out this Tantasia lotion.  Fingers crossed I don't end up in oompa loompa jersey shore territory.

This was the item I was least excited for in this month's box.  I opened it up and smelled it and immediately hated the scent.  Actually using it however, I found this stuff is really amazing.  It took off all my makeup, no muss no fuss, no bubbles, no weird slick after effect.  I'm smitten.  It currently resides in my shower for daily use.

With spring coming I'm on the hunt for anything to get my hair up and out of my face without me looking like I'm trying too hard.  These Jane Tran hair clips are cute, the colors remind me of a grassy spring meadow in a rainstorm, and they're stiff enough to not fall out during work.  I'm sold.  Give me more.

There was a fifth item this month which was a Diptique perfume sample.  When I sprayed it it gave me an instant headache so I gave it to my mom who loved the scent.  Problem solved?  I think so.

Overall I found two really amazing products in this month's box.  I highly highly recommend this subscription service for anyone looking to get some high end, yet very functional brands, dropped on their doorstep every month.  At $17 ish a month you really can't beat it.

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