Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mini Hiatus: Motivational Wednesday

Hey There Dolls,

As you may notice I've been a little absent lately on the blogging front.  I've been plagued with anxiety, pain, and a cold that have cumulatively knocked me on my behind.  I also just bought myself some new batteries for my camera, and got almost all of my subscriptions this month, plus some more goodies to share the next few weeks.  I've also reached 31 followers on Hey There Dollface, and I can honestly say it perked me up like nothing else to see my little corner of the internet getting love from you guys.

I say what's a better way to jump back into blogging than with a motivational Wednesday post.

You were born with the ability to change someone's life; don't ever waste it.
I constantly smile.  I have this unnecessary urge to smile at any given moment, all the time, no matter what.  You know something else?  I love it, and so do the people around me.  People always say "you're never upset, you never look sick, and you're always smiling".  Well of course.  If I look terrible, feel terrible, and act terribly, that is the response I will get from the people around me.  If I look nice, feel any way whatsoever, but act nice and polite and happy, that is how I generally get treated.  I also believe in the philosophy that just one smile, one well wish, or one positive comment can turn around anyone's day.  Don't ever feel like your smile is wasted, your well wishes are falling on deaf ears, and your kindness will never be noticed, because it is.  It may not be openly acknowledged by every soul you meet, but does it need to be? As long as one soul feels the love and compassion you put forth, you are already an infinitely better person for it.

Go out and smile at a stranger, make someone laugh, cheer up a coworker or a friend.  Do good for someone else and expect nothing back.  You'll be surprised how much it changes how people approach you.

What does this quote mean to you??

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