Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quick Post: Because It's Sunday

Because it's Sunday, and I feel like I completely muddled though September with barely any posts :slaps hand: , I've decided to keep on with a little tradition I started when I was in my teens.

I've never been huge into fashion and trends, but I always loved jotting down a list for the next season (not fashion week type seasons, but literal seasons like fall/spring/etc.)  and seeing how close I could get to what really came out on the shelves/into my wardrobe.  Seasons like fall/winter are usually the same from year to year for me, but I'm feeling a strong pull towards everything 90's grunge, and perfectly imperfect everything.

Fall/Autumn 2014

Ankle Boots
Leather (Brown Leather To Be Exact, Very Worn Leather)
Grunge/Smokey Eyes
Smudged Berry Lips
Rose Gold
Large Knits (Sweaters/Hats/Scarves)
Long Loose Layers
Long Tousled Hair
Rose Lip Shades
Big Cocktail Rings
Delicate Necklaces
Earmuffs (Preferably Fur/Faux Fur)

What are your predictions for this season?  What trends do you find yourself leaning towards this fall?

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