Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blush Mystery Beauty Bag September 2014

So sorry for being absent these past few weeks.  Work has been nuts, I lost my camera, and I've been under the weather to boot.  But I do have some nice pictures taken and some posts coming up so I hope that helps you guys out a little bit.

Who wants to see the goodies that got dropped on my doorstep in my Blush Mystery Beauty Bag this month??


Lumene Face Wipes- I haven't used face wipes in a long while.  I've been working on getting my skin back into shape, but I really could have used these babies this past week.  12 hour days call for late nights and early mornings.  I'm happy to have these babies on my desk for this upcoming crazy week as well.

Color WOW 1 Minute Transformation-  What?  I watched the video for this and it looks perfect for my hair. My only concern is it getting waxy after a few hours, but on crazy days this could just be a miracle worker.

Klorane Dry Shampoo-  I have this. I like it.  Nuff said.

Vapour Organics Bronzer Stick-  I love the whole stick concept being thrown around. I have sticks for my eyes, my lips, blush, and now bronzer.  I don't think the color is for me, but maybe this winter I can use it to perk me up on dark days.

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Organic Pink-  Usually I run for the hills when I come across shimmery glosses, but this one isn't bad.  It's got sparkles, but it feels slick and not goopy and grainy.  I actually had a friend compliment me on it, so on no-makeup makeup days this could be my ticket to not looking like the living dead.

SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector-  I do have rosy red cheeks, and some spots from blemishes, so I'm quite excited to see how this works out.  As long as it doesn't do the opposite, or break me out, I can't see not loving this stuff.

Overall I give this bag a B.  It's full of very useful things, but nothing that made me go "wow" when I opened the bag.  The past few months have been like this and I'm just hoping that they start to add some more wow factor into their next few bags.

Have you tried anything from this month's bag?  

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