Monday, September 8, 2014

Wet N Wild Megaslicks Review

Fall is upon us and that means fall lip colors galore!  On a recent trip up north to visit my parents I stopped by a drugstore and picked up these beauties.

Welcome to my life Wet N Wild Megaslicks! How have I never known you existed before?

Wet N Wild Megaslicks

First Impression: Why is everything in crayon for lately?  Do I really need these?  Do I even own any drugstore lip crayons I like?  What the heck, I'll get em.
After Application:  Well this is not what I put on my lips an hour ago.  Are these supposed to change colors?  Hmm.

Overall: Lady and the Vamp is a purple toned wonder that starts off looking a little deep, but  gradually lightens up to the most amazing berry shade on my skin.  I got compliments all day on this color when I wore it to work.  Win!  Rico Mauve starts off very berry toned and surprisingly turns a hot pink color on my lips after about an hour or so.  I love wearing this on a minimal makeup day when my face needs a little pick me up.  Not to mention the feel good vibes I give off when I wear it. These are very moisturizing and the wear time is about two hour before you find yourself touching up. They actual product doesn't last through eating, but the stain sticks around for days, literally.  The only weird thing is how drastically the color changes after about an hour (like how Rico Mauve turns hot pink?!).  I'm not saying I hate it, I'm just saying a little warning would have been nice.  If you like a long wearing stain, don't mind the changing colors an hour after you apply it, and don't mind applying every few hours, these are great.  No really, they are, even if that sentence made them sound otherwise.

Repurchase: I would.  For a few bucks you get a balm, a stain, and good color payoff.  I feel like these will more than satisfy my need for any sort of "chubby stick" lip color I may want in the near future.

What are your favorite lip crayons?

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