Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Skincare Routine, Or As I Like To Call It, My Non Routine

Want to hear a secret? I am terrible with routines.  The minute I think I have one down it flies out the window and I'm left scrambling to pick up the pieces.  It happens with my blog, my life, and definitely with my skincare.

Because of this fact of my life, I have taken to a non routine, routine.  I don't call it a routine for fear of abandoning the idea entirely, but I do think of it as a habit.    A very good, helpful, makes me feel pretty habit.

First lets start off with the washing of the face.  I use either this Skinn cleanser or another makeup removing type cleanser to get all of the tough stuff off my face.  Then I go grab a more gentle cleanser (like the Derma New Cleansing Cream) to really finish the job of cleaning all of my makeup/sweat/whatever else without making my face all red and puffy.  About three or four times a week I use the BrightenUp! exfoliator (or any exfoliator I happen to grab out of my drawer) to really make sure that my skin gets a good once over.

After exfoliation comes face masks!  Sometimes I use one, sometimes two, and even sometimes three depending on how my skin is feeling.  If I only use one it's a deep cleaner, if I use two it's a deep cleaner followed by a more calming mask, and if I really go all out and decide three's the charm I use an deep cleaner, a gentle mask, and a moisturizing mask.

These are only two of the seemingly endless masks I have accumulated over this past year, but they are my most loved.  Speaking of which, I need more!

After mask time, or cleanser time, comes a few mish moshed steps.  If I haven't exfoliated I use the Paula's Choice Exfoliator, and if I have I either apply a serum and an eye cream (see below) or I put on my Peter Thomas Roth Oiless Oil (or any good moisturizer if my skin is extra angry).

 If I've remembered to use a serum it's been the 8 in 1 Power Serum, followed by the Glytone Eye Cream, then a good moisturizer.  Or some such mix of those steps.

See, you can't really call that a routine.  I mix up my products depending on the day and my mood, and I usually forget one or two in the mix, but it seems to be working for me right now.   

Do you have a skincare routine you stick to, or are you like me and flip flop products to your little hearts content?

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