Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Won A Facebook Sweepstakes!

So a few months ago I entered a facebook contest raffle sweepstakes thing for what I thought was chocolate.  Dove dark chocolate to be exact.  Something I was very much looking forward to, and something that upon arriving at my door was completely different than I had imagined.

See, it looks like I'll be getting chocolate, and maybe some nail polish samples or something.

Ta Da! Not chocolate.  Not edible.  But!  Two full sized polishes?  What?  Yes my friends.  Two full sized, very dark chocolate inspired polishes arrived at my door.  The new Dove Chocolate line by Nicole by O.P.I.

Better after Dark (on the left) can best be described as a caramel red color which is shimmery and a perfect fall shade.   It's still a little sheer after two coats, but it's the nice kind of sheer.  The kind that looks intentional and not spotty.

Promises in the Dark (on the right) is a really nice dark chocolate color.  In some lighting it looks almost black, and in others it looks just like a bar of dark chocolate.  It's opaque after two coats and doesn't give you any streak problems along the way.

Both are beautiful colors for fall and winter, and I'm a little sad I got them towards the beginning of spring, but hey, polish lasts right?  

Oh, and a little update for those of you who don't follow me on social media (you should, I'm pretty cool), I got a new kitten!  Her name is Rosie, shes a six week old blackish brown stray kitten who I absolutely love with all my heart.  She's my little muse, and the thing that I can already tell will be turning my haphazard life around.  Maybe we'll even get more structure over here on Hey There Dollface.  She will be making her way onto this blog soon enough, promise!

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