Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Face

Hey There Dolls,

With the weather getting hotter and the humidity making every trip outside like a trip to the sauna, I've paired down my makeup routine.  Now, It's not like I only wear mascara, maybe some blush, and some lipgloss.  That sounds amazing, but that's not what I'm about.  I'm the girl who still wants that full faced look without the full face feel, and here's how I do it.

Disclaimer:: I actually use all of this makeup so it's not perfect, it is messy, and no I didn't "clean it up" before I shot it. Such is life.


 After I wash my face and moisturize I tackle those pesky dark circles that come from having little to no sleep (thank you Rosie and work).  To do that I put on the L'Oreal Dream Lumi Concealer in Nude under my eyes in a half circle.  Then I add the Cover Girl Fresh Complection Concealer in Classic Ivory under my eyes in a triangle (think the Kim K highlighter tutorials you see everywhere) and along the middle of my face where I get red.  Next I blend them both together and then outwards with a makeup sponge or my fingers, depending on how rushed I am of course. Next comes the e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer to help my eyeshadow and liner not travel or crease in this heat, and the base of my face is complete.


I only use two powder compacts and they are both from e.l.f.  They are a forever repurchase, never fail me, and aren't going to break the bank.  At $3 a piece these are a steal.  I use the Tone Correcting Powder, the one on the left of the picture, on the middle of my face in the areas I put my concealer. I then go back and use the Contouring Blush and Bronzer in the shade St. Lucia, which is on the right of the picture, to give my still very pale face a hint of color and life.  Easy peasy, takes a few swirls of the brush and I'm good to go.


Can't forget the eyebrows now can we?  If you can't tell I use those three shades that are dented, or in one case nearly gone, to do my eyebrows.  The middle color that's almost gone was a perfect match for my brows, but the two shades up and down from it blend together to make that center shade, so I'm okay with it.  


First I go ahead and pick one of the many many colors in this NYX Be Free Pallett that I received in a Blush box recently, and put that all over my lid.  I try to stick with one color because more than that and it starts to get a little heavy looking.  Then I line my eyes with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (forever repurchase), and pile on the mascara.  I am currently obsessed with the NYX Are You deprEYeved mascara as my first two coats and then throwing on a coat of the Smashbox Full Exposure mascara to really pump up the volume and length. Both mascaras are in black, and both will be repurchases the next time I need mascara.

My makeup in the summer is simple, easy, covers all the bases, and still makes my face look like I tried really hard on it.  I found that with a good skincare regimen you don't really need a foundation so that has helped me out tremendously these past few weeks.  The only thing I'm missing up there is a good lip balm to finish the whole thing off, and any one will do really. This whole routine takes about 15 minutes to put on and lasts me through a full 8 hours of work. Can you say hell yes?  I can.

So what do you guys think?  Do you like posts like this?  I'm trying to veer off the once a week posting and start posting more regularly so any ideas of what you guys want to see I'm very happy to hear!

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