Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sonia Dakar Flash Facial: Not The Typical Review

So I'm not one to post a review in haste, or before I've given a product a fair shot, but this had to be done.  If you're in for a nice gushing review, look the other way.  If you're ready for the truth (Or my opinion), here it is.

Sonia Dakar Flash Facial

First Impression: A facial in under five minutes?  No crazy prep work?  I'm excited for the promise of a lazy kids pamper sesh.
After Application: Oh god. What is that smell? Did I put vodka on my face? Why does this hurt?  What have I done?

Overall: First off this smells like vodka.  Cheap awful vodka.  It's pretty overwhelming to be honest and very off putting.  If it wasn't for the promise of nice smooth happy skin I would have washed it off right then.  It dries very quickly, which kind of diminishes the smell but not entirely.  When it's time to take the mask off you're supposed to rub your face in circular motions.  It sounds easy, but it's like putting glue on your skin and rubbing it off, it's painful and time consuming.  It pulled all the little baby hairs on my face and left my face red and covered in little balls of gel.  When I finally washed the little balls of gel off my face it felt tight and uncomfortable.  I have never felt anything like it before and for something promising a pampering experience I never expected it to turn out so backwards. It's not an experience I want to relive, and this sample is going straight into the bin. 
Repurchase: Goodness no.  This is terrible, and unless you like the feeling of ripping glue off your face.  I do not recommend this to anyone.

 I know this was a rough review but the whole experience from start to finish was not enjoyable. I hate to be so unhappy about the things I try out, and I usually don't write negative reviews, but I'm a firm believer in letting people know when things are downright unpleasant. 

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