Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Phone Case of The Month

So a few weeks ago I was parusing the many blogs I follow on Bloglovin and I saw a review for Phone Case of The Month.  I'm a sucker for an inexpensive subscription, as you may be aware, and was in the mood for something non-beauty related, so this really tickled my fancy and I signed up.  The subscription is available to the newer generation iPhones and the newer Samsung Galaxies. 

Around the first of the month I got an email letting me know my case was on its way and not only was I more than surprised at how quickly the case shipped out, I was even more surprised that two days later it arrived at my door.   

Now this is like any other surprise subscription where you don't get to choose your case, which for me is awesome because I can never settle on anything (ask the boy, he hates it, if it wasn't for him we'd never end up with something for dinner). It ended up working out really well and I got the case I was drooling over on the site!

 How amazing is that case? Not only is it super cute but it came in a pretty red bag to store it in when it's not being used.   The case itself is plastic, and unlike most other cases it leaves the top and bottom relatively open (awesome for charging and listening to music).  The case itself feels sturdy and is really soft which makes me happy because it no longer sticks to everything, like the inside of my pocket for example.   The design looks printed on the case and isn't 100% flawless around where the cutouts and buttons are, but that makes me like it even more. 

I love this subscription service and how it gives me the option to dress up my phone every month in a new case.  They also give you a rebate code when you sign up to give away to friends and family which will be at the bottom of this post.  I highly recommend using this service if you have one of the compatible phones.  You never know what awesome case you'll receive!

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