Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sample Society Box June 2014

It's that time of the month where HTD spotlights my favprite subscription box, the Allure Sample Society box.  I love it so much I bought my mom a 3 month subscription for her birthday (in hopes she'll keep buying it).  This box has a visible theme, moisturizers. That's it. You'll see what I mean.  Without further ado/chit chat lets get into the good stuff.

Murad t-zone Refining Serum-  Look farmiliar?  It should.  I got this in the same box last month.  Still haven't tried it.  Kind of disappointed it was such a blatant duplicate.  At least put a few months between the repeats.

Karin Herzog Vit-A-Kombi-2-
  This is supposed to moisturize your skin all while pulling out toxins with the aid of oxygen.  Yes that's right oxygen.  It claims to have twice the amount of oxygen as... everything else?  which is supposed to help clear out any congested skin. 

Juliette Has A Gun- I think the scent is Anyway?  I love the smell but it triggers my boyfriends allergies so I can't wear it around him, but it's a really light floral scent I can only describe as "the smell you get when you spray floral water onto a letter" like how Sandy does in Grease. 

Pur-lisse Pur Moist Hydra Balance Moisturizer-  I now have three of these.  End of story.

Orlane Super Hydrating Concentrate-  It smells really good, is more of a serum than a moisturizer, and currently resides on my dressing table to be used to plump up my skin while I have an awful moisture sucking cold.  

H2O Oxegenating Rejuvinator-  This is supposed to go on at night and help make your skin supple and smooth when you wake up.  I like the concept.  I need a night moisturizer and I love the brand so I'm really happy about this sample.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this box.  I usually love every sample I get and am gushing about my Sample Society subscription, but I got a repeat, and a product I already have two of, not to mention there was no variation in this box besides the fragrance.  No makeup sample, no hair product, no polish, just moisturizers/face treatments.  I only have one face, limited space, and no one needs to be switching up their moisturizers everyday.  I'm just hoping next month's box will be more varied.

What do you think?  Would you have liked to get this month's box?

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