Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

Every Christmas I try and make a wishlist of the things I want and every year I end up  giving up and saying "money, clothes, gift cards, anything shiny or mustache related... preferable shiny mustache related".  This really bugs the crap out of my mom, and as I get older I can see why.  You want your presents to mean something, and it shows that someone took the time to find you something they know would make you smile.  Even if the presents you receive are things you told them you wanted specifically, and maybe even picked out.   It's the thought that counts.

This year I have asked for a kitten and a new camera from the boyfriend, clothing I had picked out months ago from my parents, and from myself these are the little things I hope to put under the tree for myself.


Everyone is raving about the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows, so much so that I feel slightly ashamed that I don't own one yet.  Never fear makeup bag, you will be graced with their presence in the next month!  These little gems are PERFECT for lazy eye days, and especially since I'm going back to work very soon I know that me and mornings will not be getting along.
The Naked 2 Palette is another extremely hyped up beauty product.  I own my fair share of neutral eyeshadows, but none in a compact I can throw in my purse without it opening and causing a ruckus in my bag.  While it is pricey, I think I can justify buying this on the sparkly shades and sturdy compact.

A while back I heard about Serious Serum and it's claims to do pretty much everything as far as improving skin.  Lets just say I want this stuff, and I want it bad.  I have been telling myself I don't need it and blah blah blah, but with the current state of my skin (hello serious breakout number 2 in the past month) I'd say it's about time I invested.  If this stuff can do half of what it claims I'll be a happy lady.

Another facial product is from Skin Owl.  It is an argan oil infusion with geranium which is supposed to balance and decongest the skin while diminishing sign of aging.  Like I said, my skin is absolutely wretched right now, and I have been looking into getting a facial oil for a few months now and this one looks to be the winner. If it can really brighten my face and balance this mess I have going on I may just cry from happiness.

Let me introduce you, and myself, to Concoction products.  I want one of each of them.  Lets be honest here.  You can take an amazing smelling base and add in little capsules that are each designed to do something different to improve your hair.  This is a UK based company, so unless I get my dream trip to London I'll probably never see this in stores, but they do ship to the US. Fingers crossed I can make up my mind on what shampoo I want before I talk myself out of it.


Last but not least are shoes.  They are called smoking shoes.  I want these shoes, and about six more pairs so I can wear one every day of the week.  All different styles/colors of course.  They are perfect to just slip on and walk around the house in, or out for grocery shopping, and even for a lunch date.  I think these are classic and cute and fit my style perfectly.  With a pair of these I can officially retire a pair of my moccasins which may or may not have a hole or two forming in the sole.  Don't judge me.

Happy shopping everyone!  What are you looking forward to under your tree this year?

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