Monday, December 16, 2013

Pre-lipstick routine

I am absolutely terrible at doing anything before I slather on my favorite lipstick.  This usually means flaky patches, dry cracked lips, and a mess that gets wiped off about an hour after application.  When reading about lip preperation on Liana Beauty I decided I needed to kick my routine into high gear (or any gear at all) and start prepping my lips for not only this season but for lipstick application all year round.

I start off using a lip scrub by ELF.  It comes in a tube that looks like an actual lipstick, so application is really easy (just don't over do it).  When I first used this product I tried to get my lips all smooth and nice in one go and ended up damaging them to the point where it took over a week for them to heal.  Moderation my friends, moderation.

Next comes a lip balm.  I like the Chap Stick Hydration Lock and the Nivea A Kiss Of Milk And Honey.  If your lips are especially dry you can use a deeper conditioning formula, but for daily use and touch ups both of these work remarkably well.  Bonus is you can pick them up at the drugstore so if you lose them (like I do) you can replace them and not be too upset about it.

Using a lip liner seems old fashioned, but if you are wearing a highly pigmented color like the reds and berrys and plums that are oh so popular right now, it's somewhat of a necessity.  It prevents bleeding anf gives your lips definition.  You can overdraw a small lip, accent your full lips, or even create a really pretty ombre effect.

Finally comes the actual lipstick application.  Some people love using lip brushes, but I'm a straight out of the bullet kinda girl.  I like the no muss no mess quick swipe and blot method.  To each their own.

You can add an additional step by putting a tissue over the lips and taking a powder brush dipped in translucent powder to set a rich color and create a smudge proof look if you want your color to last longer.  It's not a necessity but it can be nice to have that added insurance if you don't know when you'll be able to sneak away to reapply.

What are some tips you have for applying lipstick? 

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