Monday, December 2, 2013

Starting The New Year A Little Early

Hey There Dolls,

This time around I'm starting the new year off early and making some resolutions while I have them fresh in my mind.  

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1. Smile more.  People always say they never see me without a smile, and I was always called bubbly by my teachers growing up.  Lately I've lost that smile and I am determined to get it back.  Even if it means smiling like a crazy person all the time, I'll make it happen.

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2. Read more.  I read blogs, texts, billboards, directions, but rarely books.  Growing up I read like a madman and was always looking for the next literary adventure.  I have decided I need more adventures and novels in my life, and will hopefully be writing up a little snippet on my favorite book of the moment on here once a week.

3. Eat better.  I am borderline celiac, and feel much better when I cut wheat out of my diet, so starting today I am going gluten free!  It's a big life change, and since I believe the word diet to be one of the devils words I will not be calling this change a diet, I will be calling it healthy eating.  Even my boyfriend is getting into the g-free spirit (while I'm around anyways) and he has agreed that while food costs may be higher, we both need to get healthy.

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4. Blog consistently.  I actually like writing out blog posts and thinking of what I want to share with you guys.  It keeps my mind occupied, and gives me something to do that combines my passions of writing and pretty things.  I have started to shift the blog away from makeup and into more lifestyle posts lately and I like how that feels.  Don't get me wrong, I have a bunch of products that still need review, but I find it infinitely harder to write product reviews over anything else.

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5.  Make the most of my day.  No more sleeping until 12pm.  Even if I don't get to bed until 3am I am going to make a conscious effort to be up by 7am every day.   The worst feeling is waking up and feeling lazy because you overslept.

These few things are just the start of my journey to a better me, and a better self.  By the end of this month I am sure there will be even more resolutions I've made for myself, but hey, life's about growing right?

Happy Monday Everyone!

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