Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night

Winter skin is my current nemesis.  Along with learning how to highlight and contour, my dry cheeks are the bane of my existence right now.  They are flaky, nothing sits on them well, and it makes it uncomfortable to smile.  All big no-no's.

Then this stuff came along in a subscription box and I swear I heard the angels singing the morning after I put this on.

Philosophy's Hope in a Jar Night lotion is a medium weight lotion that is supposed to help your skin retain moisture at night. Theory is you slap this stuff on your face, go to sleep, and wake up with moisturized plump happy skin.  Does it work?  I think so!

Alone this stuff works amazingly.  My cheeks were less dry in the morning and the rest of my face really felt smooth and happy (Read: No weird bumps/rough patches on my face., and no oil slick on my pillow.)  It sunk right into my skin and didn't leave it feeling oily and slick, just smooth and moisturized.

Now while it didn't completely take care of my dry cheeks it helped immensely.  Paired with Vitamin E over the top this really worked to help relieve the patchiness.  It worked great on the rest of my face all by itself though, which is still a major plus for me.  

What products from Philosophy would you recommend?

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