Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Series Alert!

I read a lot of blogs.  By a lot I mean I am following over 100 different beauty and lifestyle blogs.  That may sound a little insane but it helps me get new ideas to try out and new products to add to my wishlists.

Now because I read what sounds like an insane number of blogs I do feel like there is a missing segment of posts.  I like to call them posts for the real person.  Or posts for the non-beauty blogger. It consists of hairstyles you can actually wear, makeup from the runway that can be worn to work everyday, the not so high praised products of the drugstore, how the heck do you shop at Sephora, and the like.

With that being said a new series of posts has been born on Hey There Dollface.  This series will be titled "Things I Wish Beauty Guru's Covered".  Or something like that.  I'll come up with a better title I promise.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

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