Saturday, December 14, 2013

Skin, Why You Do This To Me?

Hello Dolls,

Lately my skin has been an awful weird mess.  It started out really oily and awful this summer, to the point where any and all face makeup would slide off without an overzealous powder sesh.  At that point there was really no point in me wearing foundations at all (even a BB cream), so I went for a natural face with the main focus being on my eyes.  

Then the seasons changed and the fall was approaching and I have had nothing but breakout after breakout.  There has not been one day since fall hit that there has not either been a pimple, crazy blackheads, or an under the skin pimple thing happening on my face.  Even without me wearing a lot of makeup it has been a nightmare.  Thankfully with my new (and extremely minimal) skincare routine they have subsided. Thank you to the products below.
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When winter sprung up my face went from the oily combination mess it was to this dry flaky awful monster of a thing.  Even my oily t-zone has seen the light and dried right up.  I'm seriously considering wearing night time face lotion to keep my cheeks in check.  My skincare regimen is not made for this sudden and severe change in condition.  No makeup looks right, no amount of moisturizer can break through the dryness.  Even writing this I have just taken my makeup off not fifteen minutes ago, a full face to hide the insanity happening underneath it, washed and toned my face, and put on night moisturizer with vitamin E over the top and STILL my cheeks are dry and laughing at me.

I am currently on the hunt for anything to even out this dryness and make my skin a nice plump moisture filled heaven for makeup.  Any suggestions?

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