Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Get To Know Me Tag

I am obsessed with blog tags, and I found this get to know me tag on Bow Tied Beauty's blog.

Get To Know Me Tag

1. On my nightstand you'll find: Lamp, chapstick, a drink of some sort, my phone.

2. The literary character I'm most like is (take this quiz and share your answer!): Hermione from Harry Potter.  I did not see that one coming.

3. I'm currently obsessed with: Jewelry making, my new camera, becoming a more positive person. 

4. My favourite superhero is: Batman!  I love his gadgets and that he’s just a regular person (well, besides the rich thing), and he can still make a difference.

5. Favourite beauty product of 2013: Argan Oil.  Oils in general actually.  Why did I not know about them sooner?

6. If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would have to be: Oh goodness.  I have no idea.

7. Winter is here - how do you prep your skin for battle? Vitamin E oil and lots of body butters for my legs and arms.  The Vitamin E oil is amazing on my dry skin.

8. My perfect date night makeup consists of: Red lips, winged eyeliner, a light smoky eye, some bronzer and a little blush to top it all off. 

9. My go-to skin beautifying snack/drink is: Water.  Water can make your skin look amazing, and you can always tell when you aren’t getting enough of it.

10. My tv boyfriend is: The Doctor.  Any incarnation will do.  But Ten or Eleven would be my top picks if I had to choose.

11. If my evening clutch could only hold one beauty item it would be: Chapstick.  I don’t really touch up my makeup after I put it on (I end up looking clownish). 

12. One beauty tip I would pass on to my real/fictional daughter: Drink a lot of water, and cut back on the sugary drinks. 

13. The most nostalgic item from my childhood: I got rid of a lot of the momentos from my childhood.  I do have some old books though that I still love.

14. My tv show of the moment: I’m in limbo because of the mid season finales that just happened.  I’m watching Oddities right now and think it’s pretty cool.

15. My favourite quote is: “Take your aim like artemis and kill another dove, but when your heart becomes a hunter you may wound your chance to love”- Holly Brook 

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