Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blush Mystery Beauty Box February 2014

I always look forward to the beginning of the month.  The beauty boxes are set to ship to my house, and the spoilers start rolling in.  My favorite spoilers are for the Blush Box.  This month though, there weren't any spoilers.  None.  Nada. Was I bummed?  Yes. Was I even more excited for my monthly box to arrive?  Oh hell yes.

This month's box was full of high end items.  Be ready to drool like I did.

The Jonathan Finishing Control High Shine Flexible Hairspray was a bonus item.  Bonus indeed.  I was about to go buy a new can of hairspray, when one magically landed on my doorstep!  

The Klorane Dry Shampoo is something I loved seeing in the box, and it's full sized.  It gives your hair volume, but doesn't seem to take away all the greasiness out of my hair.  It still looks like I didn't wash my hair, but a bigger fluffier version.

The NYX mascara has been something I wanted to try, but I'm still working my way through some samples I already have, so I didn't want to go buy a whole new tube.  Getting this in my box was a real treat.

Perfume sample? Check.  Awesome upscale should be sitting on a victorian style dresser surrounded by fancy things bottle and packaging?  Check.  Smells amazing?  Check.  This little gem is an Elizabeth Arden perfume called Untold.  I plan on wearing this and keeping the bottle on my dresser forever.  Forever ever.

I've never tried a deep cleansing oil before, or any cleansing oil for that matter.  This one from DHC is a welcome addition to my ever growing skin care collection, and one I look forward to using.

The packaging for this vbeaute facial exfoliator is stunning, and when I'm done with the exfoliator I have in my shower I'm adding this to my routine.

The Biodea Miracle 48 facial mask is the most expensive single use beauty product I will ever use.   This better make me look like I'm a goddess or I will be super disappointed.

I love nail wraps. So much.  They make me very happy.  I get to have crazy nails, it takes minimal work, and they look flawless.  Gimme more.

These were the samples I received along with this months box.  The Gel Cleanser is a sample I will use very shortly, and the REN Day Cream is something I already have and love and use regularly.

I'm still shocked at the amount of stuff I got in this months box, and the quality.  Keep it up Blush!

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