Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Willa Face Towelettes

I love me some face wipes.  Main reason, I like to stay up late and I can be pretty lazy if it's my day off.  
During the week, after a full face of makeup, I of course wash and tone and moisturize and oil up my face like the next crazy blogger.  The weekends or my days off are a completely different story.  

Insert face wipes.  Facial towelettes.  Wet wipes.  Whatever you want to call them.
Perfect for wiping off mid day glow, excess makeup, and of course for the quick swipe and go after one too many drinks.

Willa is a brand I have never heard of before, but the words gentle and lavender on the package intrigued me.

I can officially say I'm disappointed with this product.  
The wipes were far too dry to do anything. 
It took two whole wipes just to try and clean my whole face. 
It made me sad.
Not even the nice smell could overcome the lack of moisture in the wipes and how poorly they performed.

I hate writing a negative review, but I can't not review something just because it didn't send me into happy fits.  Not every product will tickle my fancy, or perform well with my skin.
Although these weren't for me in any way, I'm not saying they won't get use.
I have plenty of fingers and mirrors and lids that need cleaning.

Do you use facial wipes?  Are you part of the beauty blogging world that hasn't completely written them off?

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