Monday, September 16, 2013

Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow

Hello Everyone,

I have to admit, I have never been a fan of cream eyeshadow.  My lids tend to get oily and the formula always creased and smudged off before I even got to really enjoy it.  So while shopping online at Ulta I saw that they had a sale going on where you could buy $35 worth of products and get a Benefit creaseless eyeshadow for free! (I think it was $35)  Well I had my eye on the new Oxygen Wow Foundation by Benefit and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something new. 

Pro's:  I love the color.  I have always been a neutral person when it comes to eyeshadow and I recieved the color No Pressure which is a medium copper brown color.  Because it is a cream eyeshadow it was very easy to apply and glided over my eyelids with no weird pull marks.  I have found that a little really does go a long way and when you layer powder shadow over the cream formula you can get really beautiful results.  I used this with a primer and without and much prefer the look and feel of it without a primer.  The container itself is nice and heavy, being as it is made of glass, and I really like the heaviness of it as opposed to a powder shadow container.

Con's:  The container, while I love it, is very small.  I don't always like using brushes, especially with anything of a cream formula, and this pot is just too small to put my fingers into.  Since it wasn't a full size product I'm sure that won't be a problem in the larger size.  It is also very messy as must creams tend to be.  I tend to get it all over my fingers and this gets hard to just wipe off after a few minutes.

All in all my pro's outweigh my cons, as the cons are across the board with cream formulas.  I think it does live up to it's name as being a creaseless eyeshadow, and I can wear it a full eight hour work day and longer in 85+ degrees and still not have a complaint.

What do you think of Benefit products, and which would you recommend to others out there looking to try new things?

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  1. It looks really pigmented and a great eye shadow! Love how it can last so long!!
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