Monday, September 9, 2013

Silver on the Moons

My nails and I have a long history of not getting along.  I'm rough with them, get bored with them, and have always been a huge fan of long long nails which has on occasion called for me to get acrylics.  My nails have not been kind to me either. They're brittle, bend and split and break when they go slightly past my fingertips, and won't hold polish without chipping for more than a day or two (even after they get painted in the salon).

Needless to say I was really excited when nail art came on trend because that my friends is something I, and my nails, can agree upon.  Whether it be glue on nails or painting my natural nails, I can change up my style as often as my nails want to reject the polish and be creative all over again.

Lately I have been wearing a lot of navy and thought, why not put navy on my nails as well?  All ready to grab some accents and polish and get to work I rummaged around my moderately large polish collection to discover there was no navy polish in there.  Target had no navy polish either. I did have a pretty blue polish and some matte top coat and though, eh, close enough.  Add some silver diamond metal studs to the nailbed and voila!  New nails to start off my week.

The Tools

The Accents

The Finished Product

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