Monday, September 23, 2013

Things I'm Loving This Week

Hi Everyone,

These past few days have been hectic.  Trying to get on a normal sleep schedule, trying to figure out social media and how to grow my blog in a positive way, and going shopping for food for the first time in months.  

Among the stressful things happening, I have found some shining stars, not beauty related, that have made it into my "Things I'm loving this week" post.  

Lets start with the Pumpkin Delights by Little Debbie.  These are my favorite guilty pleasure in fall.  They are seasonal and come out in the beginning of September and run through Thanksgiving.  They are soft and have a cinnamon and "pumpkin" taaste to them, and truth be told I can and will eat a whole darn box of these by myself.  These to me signal fall and is one of the only pumpkin things I enjoy.

I picked up these Logic Puzzles at Barnes and Noble yesterday and I'm hooked.  I have always loved these puzzles, and could never find them outside of school.  It was always crosswords, sudoku, and search and finds, so when I saw this I grabbed it and another smaller travel book.  These will keep me occupied for hours and I never get bored challenging my mind.

Now we've come to my new obsession, Epic Mickey 2.  I am obsessed.  Absolutely obsessed.   I love this game.  I've never been good at video games but this one I have really gotten the hang of.  I love anything Disney so this was right up my alley to start out with.  If you aren't very good at video games and want something fun and easy to start out with I highly recommend this game.

What are you loving this fall?  Anything seasonal you look forward to every year?

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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