Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Think I'm In Love

Hello There Everyone,

I recently received Septembers Birchbox and having seen spoilers online I was really excited to see which shade of Ruffian nail polish I was going to get.  I was honestly torn between all the colors, but upon receiving the shade Hedge Fund I was in love immediately.  

Long story short I love army green.  I had cargo pants in army green for all of my teenage years and if you ever had told me I would one day not have a pair (or three) in my closet I would have laughed in your face.  But alas, I have retired the pants, but the love for the color does not waiver.  It was all I could do not to strip down my just painted nails to put on this beautiful color, but I paitently waited for my other polish to chip away (okay so maybe not all on it's own, but I was just to excited) and with the first coat I knew this was a match made in polish heaven.

The description on the Birchbox website reads "Inspired by those dolla, dolla bills, Hedge Fund is a green foil polish with a strong metallic finish and a hint of gold shimmer that really pops when the light hits it just right. It’s safe to say, this lacquer’s right on the money.", and that can not be more accurate.  At ten dollars it is a pretty steep price, but this polish covers in just one coat and is completely opaque.  I have never been more amazed with a nail polish before and I may just have to find some nail art to add to this polish as it will be staying on my nails for the immediate future.

Love and Laughs

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