Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hey There Blogosphere,

It is yet again Monday, and I know most people dread Mondays but I love them.  It's the beginning of a brand new week full of amazing things, and every week is different.  Hopefully this week brings me the courage to pick myself up and get a new job, and commit myself to this blog that I want to see thrive.  

To cheer up all you not Monday people I'm going to share with you one of my favorite Pinterest finds.  I loved it so much I put it up behind the desk at my old job and I'm pretty sure it's still there almost six months later.
How to Have a Lovely Day #quips
 We all get so wrapped up in the lives of everyone around us, and we forget that simple things can really make that gray day turn right around.  I know when I have a bad day I throw on a bright lip and it's like nothing can stop me from smiling that day.  Other days I wear my favorite perfume (Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy) and it perks me right up. 


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