Friday, September 20, 2013

Products I Love : Hair Edition

Hello Everyone,

When I started this blog I had vowed to find a way to reduce the stress I had previously put on my hair.  I put down the straightener, curling iron, and hot rollers. Well, unless it was a special occasion.  Otherwise though my hair has been heat free and loving it.  The new growth anyways.  The ends of my hair were still fried and stripped of color so easily I was dying it every few weeks.  Not just my roots mind you, my whole darn head.  Then again a few weeks later I had what I like to call an accidental ombre, which with my red hair is not as cute as you would think.

Out of all the creams and oil sprays I went through I from my first post, nothing tamed the beast living on top of my head.  I still looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket, and those beachy waves everyone adores were the only oomph I had to my hair.  I wanted sleek waves, color that lasted and soft hair.

Que the wonder products:
TRESemme platinum strength deep conditioner, WELLA calm scalp therapy, WEN in Sweet Almond Milk
  Lets first start out in the shower.  First goes on the WEN.  When I say this stuff is absolutely amazing I mean it.  I have it up for review next week (the whole kit from Sephora) and I highly recommend this for people who don't get along with shampoos and conditioners, have sensitive scalps, or have color treated hair.  I just love this stuff.  Next goes on the WELLA calm scalp therapy on my roots.  It takes care of any dryness or flakiness you can get from weather changes, products, or just general dryness.  It's a lifesaver.  I've never had a product work so well the first time.  Less flakes and more comfort are a win!  Then goes on the TRESemme platinum strenght deep conditioner on my ends.  I use this every time I shower.  It leaves my hair silky smooth and easy to manage.  It also has helped with any breakage I have because of the coloring and heat damage, so if you're like me and your hair is hurting, get this, it's wonderful.

WEN replenishing treatment mist, DermOrganic leave in treatment, Marc Anthony Curl Envy perfect curl cream

Next comes the after shower routine.  This used to be full of oils and creams and sprays and leave ins (yes all at the same time), and I realized it was just too much and needed to be slimmed down.  Now I use three to four products on my hair and just let it air dry.  The WEN replenishing spray came in the kit I purchased from Sephora and I absolutely love the smell.  It helps add some shine and makes my hair feel fuller.  The DermOrganic treatment was in a set I purchased from Ulta.  Out of the three products I got in the kit I have only used this one so far in replacement of my Ojon rare blend oil.  This stuff is wonderful.  It makes my split ends unnoticeable and helps tame the frizz that comes with living in Virginia.  You don't need much, and I only apply oils to my tips, so this tiny little bottle should last a few months I think.  The curl cream is one of the best I've ever tried, and trust me I've tried everything in the drugstore, and have started to branch out to Ulta and Sephora to find a cure for my curly wavy mop.  While this doesn't make my hair into cute little ringlets, it does define my waves into more of a curl, and helps them not fall flat and look limp by the end of the day.  One little dollop, scrunch a few times, and out the door I go.

I hope to do a products I love post at least once a week focusing on different areas (hair, nails, foundation, etc.).  My favorites change with my mood and with fall and winter coming it's only going to happen more frequently. 

What are some products you fell in love with for your hair?

Lots of Love


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