Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Post: New products for August & September

New products for August & September!

Since school's started, I've been MIA for quite some time. However, I have managed to rangle up some products; some that I will repurchase and only one I will trash!

First off, I have no idea how Carolyn makes her blog entries so fancy. I will have to have a Skype day with her to figure out how she does it.

Secondly, I feel  like it's a purple kind of day/week, possibly even month. Here's why:

Nail polish!

I was in the beauty supply store yesterday near my college and knew I was looking for a color that I don't normally wear. (My normal colors are reds, blues and black). I saw this color (Orly nail polish in Charged Up) and I fell in love with it. It's a nice, rich, fun purple color but the only downside to it is that it's really, really liquidy. I had to put three coats on some of my nails! Overall, I'm happy with this product and will probably be wearing it for about a week once I added Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat (my favorite top coat!).

The other stuff!

Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara in Very Black: I LOVE IT! When my lashes are being cooperative, I love this mascara. The brush is a little different than most brushes but it's got great consistency in the mascara formula and the brush doesn't get clumps on it.

L'oreal leMatte & laLaque Lipcolor: The pink one on the left is in the color 408 She's So Matte and when you open the lip tube, the lipcolor is like a Crayola crayon and once you use it a couple times, the pointy end goes away and you have a hard time perfecting the lines on the outer edges of your lips. Jury's still out on 408, I think I need to get an exfoliant for my lips because they're super chapped and are only gonna get worse the colder it gets. The red one is in 413 Laque-onic (I love it when companies get all creatively stupid cute with the names of their colors) and I LOVE it, of course. But this lip color is different than usual lipsticks. The 408 is obviously matte so it looks like a matte lipstick but the 413 isn't shiny, it's like a thick consistency with some shine but it feels really good on the lips. I had it on for about an hour last night and it didn't dry out and thank god it wasn't sticky either! I'll post an update in a few weeks about this one to see if my opinion changes.

Now onto the hair products!
 ...because I am always trying new hair products. A while back I dyed my hair a few different colors over a couple weeks and I think that damaged my curls so I'm constantly trying to find things that help my curls! Recommended by the mother of one of my other best friend's is the Macadamia Natural Oil Reviving Curl Cream: I used it today and it's definitely helping with the waves at the top and the curls are fine at the bottom like always but it's helped. I will keep using it and see if over time, I'll help more.

Moroccan Argan Oil: if you need help softening your hair because you put heat on it all the time or need to revive it from bleach, this is your product! Over the summer, I bleached over my black hair and the next day my hair was like straw! STRAW! So I went out (on Carolyn's recommendation ) and bought it. Best buy for damaged hair I've ever purchased.

amika Bombshell Blowout Spray: I got this either in ipsy or birchbox and it really helps with the texture. I don't ever blow dry my hair because the little wisps at the top make my hair look super damaged but if I spray this in my hair while it's damp and scrunch it a little bit, it ends up looking really good when it's dry. It's got some volume to it, too, so that's a plus.

And finally something I hate...

Before I completely trash this one, I should warn you: I have really crazy dry skin and that reason might be why I hate this so much. Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream: there's WAY too much pigment in it and the pigment is very orange for being fair to light labeled. I don't have orange skin. Second, it's not moisturizing enough so when I use it, the pigment gets caught in my dry skin and patches up and looks horrible. It's also kind of greasy and rubs off on my fingers when I touched my cheek a few minutes after applying it. I've been waiting to try this product for a really long time and although it's a good price and the packaging it good, I will be trashing this and going back to my Covergirl BB Cream until I can find another one. 

Hope this helps with your decisions on purchasing nail polish, mascara, hair stuff or lipsticks!


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