Friday, October 11, 2013

A Little Organization

Hello Everyone,

Today we decided to overhaul the apartment, so I decided my desk needed a little overhaul too.  Usually my samples, makeup, and skincare products are in a jumble on my desk and I rummage through them looking for what I want to use that day.
Not a good system.
This led to me looking around my room trying to find some way to get my things organized, and my eyes fell on a jewelry organizer on a hanger.  With 84 little pockets to put goodies into, I took my whole stash, dumped it out, and started putting things away.  This is what it looks like:

This way I can see all of the samples and products I have acquired and hopefully this means I can actually do an empties post for you all.  Someday I plan on buying cute little desk organizers so I can keep everything in plain view on my desk, but for now I'm pleased with how it looks.  Now I'm off to drink a few beers, play MTG with the boy, and watch the new episode of Haven! (That may or may not have been the nerdiest sentence ever displayed on this blog).

Happy Friday!

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